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May 25 is the last day of school! Fourth quarter report cards will be sent home with students on the 25th.

Art Department

Here is the state standard on which your child is currently working in 6th Grade art. 
2PE Discover and articulate how the media forms of the day use art and images to communicate messages and meaning.

5PR Engage in visual problems of personal or social relevance showing focus and persistence to complete the task.

4RE Defend artistic decisions using appropriate visual art vocabulary.
Here are the state standards on which your child is currently working in 7th Grade art. 
 Current Project:

6PR Demonstrate understanding of visual literacy, illustration and graphic communication

2PR Manipulate materials, tools and technology in conventional and unconventional ways to crate a work of art

6RE Develop and use criteria to guide reflections and assessment of selected personal artworks

7RE Assess one's own work and working process and the work of others in relation to criteria and standards
Here are the state standards on which your child is currently working in 8th Grade art.
4PE Connect selected ideas, concepts and processes used in visual art with those used in other academic disciplines.

2PR Experiment with a variety of techniques and working methods when creating an original work of art
         As always, we are connecting our curriculum to current reading and writing standards. Grade 8 art incorporates writing, reflection and research at the beginning, middle and end of each project. 
These standards will change as we move on to new material.  Please check back often!
We encourage conversations about these standards so you can monitor your child's progress and understanding more effectively. Should you have any questions, please select the staff icon (to the right) for access to teacher e mail.