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Coding in the sixth grade!

You may wonder, what is coding? Well, coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, websites and apps. Our 6th graders have been working on a unit where they are creating a game of their own to share with the other students. We have been working on https://code.org/ to work through an Hour of Code. Here the students were exposed to using blocks or Javascript to code different levels of games. Students had to set the parameters of their own games. They could choose the level of difficulty for each game. They were able to add their own spin on each game. Each student was able to find something at their own level of experience to code. Code.org provides lessons for beginners through High School and above.

For the final project, each student was given the chance to code their own Minecraft, Star Wars or Flappy Bird games. The games were then shared on my class web page. Students were encouraged to go and play the games their peers had created. This was an exciting and interactive unit.

In our next unit, students will be creating blog accounts. They will also be encouraged to share their games on their blogs.